Prevent Tree Roots for Doing Damage to Pipes Below With These Tips

While landscaped areas provide beauty and serenity above the ground, there is more than meets the eye below the surface of your Cleveland area home. Roots from trees naturally may be attracted to the moisture and oxygen content of your underground sewer pipes. For preventing pipe damage from tree roots, you may want to consider some of these valuable tips:

  • Prevent Tree Roots for Doing Damage to Pipes Below With These TipsLocate your sewer lines. You can use a resource such as the local public works department to located pipes and lines before you seek to landscape your area.
  • Prevent root growth with barriers. You may want to try chemicals such as potassium hydroxide or copper sulfate in order to create a sufficient barrier with the roots from your pipes. You may also opt to use wood or metal barriers.
  • Pay attention to drain clogs. You may expect a normal clog once in a while. But if you find that you’re frequently getting clogs, you may wish to have your lines inspected to see if damage or leaks have occurred from roots. Contact a professional for assistance.

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