3 Ways a Variable Speed Furnace Can Make a Positive Impact on Your Ohio Home

If you plan to replace your existing heating system, it’s worth taking a closer look at variable speed furnaces. The term “variable speed” doesn’t actually refer to the furnace, but the blower motor, which is the component that controls the amount of air distributed throughout your home.

A variable speed blower motor uses intelligent technology to continuously adjust the flow of heated air. It can also adjust for airflow restrictions from your ductwork design or a dirty filter, and even the distance the warm air has to travel.3 Ways a Variable Speed Furnace Can Make a Positive Impact on Your Ohio Home

In comparison, a standard furnace has just two blower fan settings – on and off. It operates at full capacity whenever the motor is running, which is great during a real Lake Erie cold snap, but not very beneficial throughout the rest of the heating season.

With a variable speed furnace, you’ll see a positive impact on your home heating in a number of ways:

  • A more constant temperature throughout your home. Because your variable speed furnace takes care of needed adjustments in the amount of heat that’s distributed, the temperature in your home stays more consistent. This means you won’t have to fiddle with the thermostat in an effort to compensate for cold spots and drafts.

  • Quieter, more efficient operation. The blower fan of a variable speed furnace starts off at a low speed, and builds up speed gradually until it hits the target temperature on your thermostat. Then, it slows down again, while still distributing warm air. The blower runs for long cycles, but because it’s often at a low speed, it’s quiet and much more efficient.

  • Savings on energy use and utility bills. Because the blower isn’t always operating on high, it uses less energy to keep your home warm and comfortable compared to a standard unit. This can translate into significant savings on your monthly electric bill. In addition, the electronically commutated motor (ECM) that runs a variable speed furnace blower is engineered to operate more efficiently at any speed, which also saves energy.

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