Boiler Issues to be on the Alert For

An annual check and regular maintenance of your heating system is always recommended. But what if you are already experiencing some heating issues and you have a boiler. What should you check or watch for? It could be something as simple as the water level, the thermostat or the pilot. You can first try to troubleshoot your problem:

Boiler Issues to be on the Alert ForPower

The circuit breaker may be tripped. This is an easy reset. If you have a fuse box, simply replace the blown fuse.

Water level

With an automatic filling system, the pressure relief valve should keep the water level at at-least half full, and maintain pressure of 12 psi. If you do not have a pressure relief valve, open the water valve, and add water manually until boiler pressure reaches 12 psi.

Pilot Light

If the pilot goes out, simply relight it. If you have difficulty relighting it, you may have an issue with the pilot ignition.


Check to make sure your thermostat is on. Also, make sure that it’s set at your desired temperature. You may also need to replace the thermostat.

Corrosion and Stress

Did you notice a gradual change in the effectiveness of your boiler? If you did, the problems may be caused by mineral deposits in the boiler or on your heat exchanger. Other slow developing problems can be caused by metal stress and corrosion. If you believe this may be your problem, the best choice is to call one of our professionals at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing.


Leaks can be the result of a faulty pump, pressure relief valve, or weak pipe connection. If you see any water at all around the base of your boiler, it’s best to call on one of our professional to locate the exact problem.

if the problem is not as simple as a pilot light or water level, trust our professionals at GoGeisel, or for other heating and air conditioning questions, please contact us. We have been serving the Greater Cleveland area for over 75 years.




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