Think Radiant Heat Is Too Expensive? Try a Retrofit

Radiant heat systems are among the best home heating systems for your Greater Cleveland household. Radiant floor heating is efficient, unobtrusive, quiet and comfortable. Radiant heat does not blow dust, mold spores and other allergy triggers around your household the way forced-air systems do.

Forced-air heating systems also tend to overheat a room in an attempt to keep heated air from dispersing throughout a home before it rises. In a radiant heat system, heat begins in the subfloor, creating a more even heat that thoroughly warms a room without overheating it. If you are thinking about installing a radiant heating system, consider the ease and effectiveness of an electric system.

While a radiant heat system can be installed by the knowledgeable homeowner, it’s highly advisable to consult withThink Radiant Heat Is Too Expensive? Try a Retrofit an expert HVAC technician beforehand to discuss layout, design, and home heating comfort and necessities. Additionally, a qualified professional can ensure that you use the proper amount of cabling to provide the most heat at the most cost-effective price.

For smaller spaces, electric radiant heating works best. This system utilizes either mats or cables to conduct electric warmth evenly underneath your floors. Homeowners should install this system underneath ceramic tiles or concrete floors, such as in your kitchen and bathroom. Here, electricity can be turned down or off during peak hours and the heat will continue for an extended time. This is because radiant heating spreads to objects in a room, which retain that heat, helping to perpetuate the warmth even after the heating source has been turned down or off.

While installation can be expensive, once installed, a typical radiant heating system will consume a modest amount of electricity. You can choose to use standard thermostats. However, by spending a bit more on a programmable thermostat, you can save even more. Setback thermostats allow you to cut heat during periods when the heating system is not in use.

To learn more about radiant heat systems, or to consult with a technician about installing one in your home, contact our HVAC experts at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, proudly serving Greater Cleveland residents for more than 78 years.




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