Duct Cleaning: Why You Need It, Who Should Do It

Dirty air ducts and vents can cause both operational and air quality problems in  your home, which is why having your air duct system inspected every few years is imperative to ensure proper functioning. Besides reducing airflow efficiency, the dust and dirt that accumulates inside air ducts attract contaminants, which can become one of the many possible causes of specific health conditions, such as allergies and respiratory disease. To avoid all these, duct cleaning is necessary especially when:

  • You can see mold growth inside or around the ducts: Make sure that the HVAC service provider cleans the entire duct system, including the areas hidden from the eye. If the insulation protecting your air ducts shows signs of molA Comprehensive Duct Cleaning: Why You Need It, Who Should Do Itd, it should be replaced with new insulation. Additionally, it’s very important to eliminate the conditions causing mold growth, such as water leaks, a dirty evaporator coil or clogged condensate drain.
  • The duct system is infested with insects or rodents: As with mold growth, the underlying problems causing vermin infestation in air ducts need to be addressed to avoid new infestations.
  • The air ducts discharge dust particles into the living space: If you notice dust and debris blowing out of your supply registers, or accumulating on return vents, it’s probably time for a comprehensive duct cleaning.

Although some homeowners may assume they can clean ductwork themselves, hiring a licensed contractor is recommended. That’s because only a professional HVAC service provider has the proper gauges and tools, and knows how to clean HVAC systems properly. Furthermore, this specialist can complete specific maintenance tasks to ensure proper functioning of the entire heating and cooling system.

If you know nothing about air duct systems, you’re unable to check if the contractor has cleaned your air ducts properly. In this case, the most appropriate decision is to hire a reputable professional with extensive expertise in duct cleaning.

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