Duct Leaks in Your Northeast Ohio Home: They’re Costing You Money and Undermining Your Air Quality

Your home’s HVAC system is meant to be a closed network that recirculates household air through a series of ducts, grilles and registers, to be cooled or heated, and then distributed to rooms throughout the house. However, when duct leaks are plaguing your HVAC system, they cause problems with both energy inefficiency and air quality.

When your home’s heating and cooling system has duct leaks, it means that conditioned air isn’t getting to its intended destination, and may not be getting back to the equipment to be reheated or cooled. Your furnace, A/C or heat 10.02.13pump will have to work harder to get the house to your desired temperature, which costs more on your energy bills and is not good for the environment.

Duct leaks often occur because the ductwork has become damaged over time or perhaps wasn’t installed correctly in the first place. When ductwork is old, the adhesive that holds the joints together often begins to deteriorate. This allows joints to come undone.

When this happens, conditioned air escapes the ducts, and into the spaces where the ducts are housed. if this is occurring in unconditioned spaces such as the basement, crawl space or attic, this does nothing for your comfort. It means your HVAC equipment will have to work all the harder to compensate.

Furthermore, air leaks in your HVAC system ductwork may be allowing dirty, unconditioned air to infiltrate the duct and get circulated in your home. Backdrafting of dangerous CO fumes may also occur. Duct leaks on the return side of your air distribution system cause their own set of problems, potentially throwing the balance of airflow in your home out of whack.

You may be able to detect some of the leaks yourself by looking at any exposed ductwork. However, a professional HVAC technician will do a more comprehensive job of both detecting leaky ducts and fixing them.

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