Efficient A/Cs: There’s More to Them Than Just Superior ROI

When you’re replacing your Northeast Ohio home’s cooling system, you’ll definitely want to choose your replacement among the especially efficient A/Cs on the market today. Besides a faster payback with lower energy bills, high-efficiency air conditioning systems offer these benefits:

  • Improved comfort. One of the design improvements to new equipment that earn high efficiency ratings is variable-speed technology. In the indoor blower, variable-speed motors run more quietly and use less electricity. They run more slowly and continuously, which helps remove humidity from indoor air and offers superior air filtEfficient A/Cs: There's More to Them Than Just Superior ROIration. The slower running speed also helps the system circulate the air more thoroughly, so all rooms in your home are comfortably cool. A dual-speed compressor increases the life of your A/C system and lowers energy bills by only running at a slower, less energy-consuming speed except during extremely hot weather.
  • Warranty protection. As long as you comply with the manufacturer’s and HVAC contractor’s requirements for maintenance, you’ll have warranty protection for any unlikely problems that the system develops.
  • Dependability. Efficient A/Cs are made with better engineering, which means that you’ll be able to count on the system during the most uncomfortable weather we encounter in the summer.
  • Environmentally superior. A cooling system that earns a high-efficiency rating requires less electricity, reducing the carbon load in the atmosphere. It also uses environmentally friendlier refrigerants that have low to no toxicity, compared to older systems using R-22, the most dangerous chemical used for refrigeration.
  • User friendly. New systems that have filter-check lights remind you to look at the air filter and change it when it’s dirty, the most important maintenance task for HVAC equipment. Dirty filters increase energy consumption and lower equipment life, and it’s easy to forget to check them.

In order to get the most from highly efficient A/Cs, insist that the contractor performs a load calculation using Manual J software. In addition, Manual D software prescribes the size and configuration of the ductwork for the new system, another critical component of the installation process.

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