A/C and Dehumidifier: Does Your Home Need Both?

It’s not just heat that’s the enemy of overall home comfort. Excess humidity also plays a role in making home spaces unbearable to be in. Having too much humidity in your home’s indoor air can also spawn mold and mildew growth. Both an A/C and dehumidifier work to keep relative humidity levels down to the ideal 50 to 60 percent, but do you really need both in your home?

How do they work?A/C and Dehumidifier: Does Your Home Need Both?

A dehumidifier removes moisture from indoor air through condensation, pulling water vapor out of the indoor air before returning it to the room. By reducing relative humidity levels, the dehumidifier may make the home feel more comfortable. However, the heat of vaporization generated through the condensation process ends up being directed back into the home space. In other words, the unit behaves similarly to a heater.

An air conditioner works on roughly the same principles as a dehumidifier, except that the excess heat is transferred outdoors through the condenser coil. Humid air that passes over the A/C coil returns to the room as cooled and dehumidified air.

Does my home need both?

Many people assume that they don’t need a dehumidifier if they have an air conditioner. However, the A/C’s main task is to control temperature, with humidity removal as a side benefit. A dehumidifier is devoted to removing excess moisture from indoor air. With less moisture to fight against, your air conditioner can cool your entire home more effectively while saving energy in the process.

During the spring and fall months when you’re not running your A/C, a dehumidifier lets you get rid of excess moisture and maintain a comfortable indoor environment without the need for A/C.

Running an A/C and dehumidifier allows your home to maintain a comfortable balance throughout the year. To learn more, turn to our professionals at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We use our 75 years of experience to serve the heating and cooling needs of the Greater Cleveland area.

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