Keeping Your Lorain County Home Safe and Secure While You’re Gone on Vacation

When you head off for the family vacation, you may have already stopped the newspaper, put your mail on hold and told the neighbors you’re be gone, but you still need to prepare your home. Energy-using appliances and comfort systems will still consume energy while you’re away – including when they’re turned “off.” So, before you pack those bags and fly away, make sure you take the steps to keep your home safe and operating economically while you’re gone.


If you won’t be gone longer than a month, you can leave it running. However, remove any perishable food items and tuKeeping Your Lorain County Home Safe and Secure While You're Gone on Vacationrn the ice maker to the “off” position. To keep your refrigerator from having to work double time, add bottles of water to maintain cooling.

Other appliances

Various appliances and electronics, including your television, toaster and even your computer, will draw energy as long as they’re plugged into an electric socket. Counteract this by unplugging them. In addition to saving on energy, this helps keep your home safe from short circuits and prevents expensive electronics breakdowns because of power surges or short circuits.

Comfort systems

While you should adjust your home’s thermostat to a higher setting (or lower in the winter) to save on energy, you shouldn’t turn it off entirely. Keep your thermostat around 82-84 degrees Fahrenheit to protect sensitive electronics, plants, wooden instruments and the like. It also never hurts to schedule a maintenance visit before your leave, in order to provide you with the security of knowing your expensive HVAC systems are in order.


Your dishwasher and washing machine won’t be used, but they still have water constantly running through their pipes. Part of keeping your home safe is preventing household disasters such as major leaks while you’re away, so turn off the water.

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