After Your Home Energy Audit: Which Projects Come First?

If you’ve decided to have a home energy audit performed, you’ve taken the first step toward greater energy efficiency. You have all the figures in front of you; now it’s time to prioritize the auditor’s recommendations and start making changes. The way you prioritize depends on what’s most important to you.

Projects with an urgent need

  • Seal the ductwork: If you have ducts running through the attic, garage or crawlspace, a home energy audit coAfter Your Home Energy Audit: Which Projects Come First?uld reveal that the ducts are introducing harmful pollutants into your home due to air leaks. Hire a contractor to seal the leaks and enjoy lower energy bills as well as improved indoor air quality.
  • Address mold situations: If a home energy audit uncovers mold growth in unfinished spaces, this should be addressed early on to prevent damaging your home’s structure and negatively impacting indoor air quality.

Budget-friendly projects

  • Tighten air leaks: The amount you save could recoup your investment in caulk and weatherstripping after only six months. The added comfort makes tightening air leaks well worth it as well.
  • Tackle mechanical issues: Adjusting appliance settings, installing a water heater timer and setting up a programmable thermostat are all affordable changes that can deliver high dividends.
  • Install storm windows or plastic films: These are much more affordable than replacing the windows and they significantly reduce wintertime heat loss.
  • Add insulation: Since this is a do-it-yourself project in many cases, it’s very affordable. Add insulation to the attic so several inches evenly cover the entire floor.

Projects that pay off

  • Replace old windows: Windows make up a huge amount of your home’s surface area, so if you have old single-pane windows, an update to double- or triple-pane windows could result in a huge energy-saving payoff.
  • Invest in new appliances: Wait until a repair becomes imminent, and then replace the appliance instead. The older it is, the more you stand to benefit from replacing it with a new, high-efficiency model.

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