Why Delay an A/C Replacement When You Could Be Enjoying All These Benefits Right Now?

Have you been trying to decide if you can squeeze one more year out of your air conditioner? Though your cooling system might make it through one more summer, an A/C replacement is probably the better bet. Here’s a look at all that you stand to gain by making the decision to upgrade your air conditioner now. 

1. Reduced cooling costs. New A/Cs are manufactured with higher efficiency ratings and more advanced energy-savings features than those that were being sold even a few years ago. This means less spending and more saving.Why Delay an A/C Replacement When You Could Be Enjoying All These Benefits Right Now?
2. Increased comfort. In addition to running more efficiently, new air conditioning systems can more effectively cool your home. Among other things, you will notice more even temperatures, a more constant stream of cooled air, and better humidity control.

3. Better air quality. When your air conditioner is able to properly dehumidify your space, you’ll be able to breathe easier. This is because your home will be at a reduced risk for the growth of toxic mold and mildew. Air filtration, in general, is usually better with a new A/C that runs more continuously at a slower speed than older models.

4. Reliable equipment. Avoid all of the stress and expenses associated with a mid-season breakdown. By investing in an A/C upgrade now, you’ll be able to count on the fact that your equipment will operate smoothly all summer long.

5. Warranty protection

In the event that something does go wrong with your system, it’s nice to know that you’re covered by a manufacturer warranty.

6. Eco-friendly refrigerant. The R-22 refrigerant that your air conditioner likely utilizes as its refrigerant is being phased out by the federal government. This is because R-22 contains chlorine, which is known to deplete the ozone layer. New air conditioners make use of R-410A, which is non-ozone depleting and EPA approved. As the R-22 supplies are phased out, it will become increasingly expensive to service your old A/C.

7. Tax credits. From now until the end of 2013, you could qualify for a generous federal tax credit on the installation of eligible, energy-efficient central A/Cs and heat pumps. Talk to your contractor about purchasing a qualifying cooling system.

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