Protect Yourself From Hiring the Wrong HVAC Contractor

Looking for an HVAC contractor to handle maintenance, repairs or installation in your Northeast Ohio home? You can’t simply open the Yellow Pages (or Google) and choose one at random. It’s important that you do careful research or you might find yourself with the wrong contractor for the job. To prevent this from happening, we have compiled nine tips to follow.

Before you begin

Prior to actively beginning your search for a reputable HVAC contractor, start with the basics:Protect Yourself From Hiring the Wrong HVAC Contractor With These 9 Tips

  • There’s a good chance that your friends and family have used a contractor they would recommend. Start with them.
  • Research the licensing and insurance requirements for your local area so that you’ll be ready to ask the contractors to verify their credentials.
  • Study the Energy Star guide so that when it comes time to install HVAC equipment, you can ask the right questions.

During your search

The next step is to start actively searching for the HVAC contractor. Here, you’ll want to follow these tips:

  • Search for any possible discounts being offered by local contractors to help save money.
  • Request a list of references from a potential contractor. Contact each one and inquire about their experience with the technician.
  • If you’re accepting bids for a job, obtain written estimates that show you price, warranties, energy efficiency information, etc. so that you can make an informed choice.

Once you’ve chosen

Now that you’ve chosen your HVAC contractor, it’s time for these steps:

  • One of first things you should expect from your contractor is a home evaluation. An inspection will be check your home’s energy efficiency and identify any possible issues.
  • Make sure the technicians are only installing heating and cooling equipment that carry the Energy Star label.
  • To avoid any miscommunication while work is being performed, obtain a written proposal that outlines every detail, including how to deal with any problems.

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