Heat Pump Maintenance Requires the Expertise of a Qualified Professional

With spring arriving in Cleveland, Ohio, it’s once again time to think seriously about heat pump maintenance.

Though you can do some things yourself to keep your heat pump running smoothly, a qualified HVAC technician should give it a maintenance tuneup at least once a year. He will inspect, clean, adjust and if necessary, repair the following areas to ensure that your heat pump will run safely and efficiently to keep you comfortable for the year ahead.

  • Heat Pump Maintenance Requires the Expertise of a Qualified ProfessionalDuctwork – make sure no obstructions are blocking proper airflow, check for and repair leaks, check insulation and add if necessary.
  • Air filters – make sure they are properly installed, that they are the correct efficiency level for your system and replace if necessary.
  • Motor and blower – check for damage, remove any buildup of dust or old lubricant, add fresh lubricant.
  • Belts – make sure they are tight and not frayed or worn, tighten or replace as needed
  • Wiring and electrical terminals – make sure all connections are tight and that there is no damage to the wires.
  • Thermostat – check that it’s accurate.
  • Refrigerant – check for leaks, and recharge if it’s low. Also, if the charge is low, check for leaks.

For many homeowners, money is tight, and it may seem that putting off your professional heat pump maintenance, or trying to do it yourself, is a way to save a few bucks. It’s not. Having a qualified technician maintain your heat pump will save you money by keeping your system running at peak efficiency and reduce the likelihood of an emergency repair call.

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