A Zoning System Upgrade Gives Greater Cleveland Homeowners a Leg Up

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your home’s energy usage, nothing quite beats a zoning system for your Cleveland area home. If you’ve never heard of such a thing, or have no idea how it works, here’s a short explanation.

Zoning systems represent the next step in evolutionA Zoning System Upgrade Gives Greater Cleveland Homeowners a Leg Up

Many of us grew up in homes with just one thermostat, even though the home had different areas with very different climate characteristics. This meant the thermostat was expected to do the impossible, keep your living room at a comfortable temperature while doing the same for a cold and clammy basement and the warm bedrooms on the top floor. A zoning system allows you to divide the home into two or more zones, with a central control panel controlling thermostats and duct dampers for the different zones. That way you can heat or cool specific areas, as desired.

Improving comfort levels and lowering costs one room at a time

Normally, a zoning system will group rooms with similar characteristics, so upstairs bedrooms might be in one zone, the main living floor will be in another zone, and a finished basement might be in a third zone. Or you might create a single zone out of a windowed area that gets more afternoon sun than other rooms, or a great room with high arched ceilings.

Not only does a zoning system allow you to keep everyone comfortable no matter what room they’re in or what comfort preference they might have, the cost of doing so is considerably lowered. This is because instead of being forced to heat or cool an entire house at once, energy is only expended for specific areas that require a temperature adjustment. If used wisely, this can greatly reduce your energy costs.

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