Schedule A/C Maintenance Before Your Home Requires Cooling

With summer heat and the high electric bills that come with it, homeowners in the Greater Cleveland area are looking for ways to conserve energy. The first step is A/C maintenance, which should keep your cooling system running efficiently all season long.

Scheduling professional service

If you want to get a handle on your energy usage, hiring the right HVAC technician needs to be a priority. Here is whSchedule A/C Maintenance Before Your Home Requires Coolingat you can expect the technician to check during your A/C maintenance service call:

  • Refrigerant – In addition to checking for just the right amount of refrigerant for your air conditioning system, the system will be tested for leaks. This is actually pretty simple; if the refrigerant is low, the system likely has sprung a leak. If refrigerant needs to be removed from the unit, the technician will capture and safely dispose of it.
  • Ductwork – The technician will search for any leaks in the ductwork, and seal any that are found.
  • Belts and oil motors – To ensure smooth operation, these components will be evaluated for any wear. Belts will be tightened.
  • Thermostat – Accuracy will be confirmed by the technician.
  • Airflow – To run properly, airflow through the evaporator coil is essential. An expert can measure the level of airflow to ensure efficiency and performance.
  • Electric terminals – If needed, these terminals will be cleaned and tightened. There’s also the possibility of applying a non-conductive coating to the terminals.
  • Control sequence – The technician will check your system’s electric control sequence to ensure that heating and cooling run separately.

A few quick things you can do yourself

Once you contact an expert, don’t sit around and wait for him or her to arrive. Before someone comes to your house, perform the following tasks to make his or job easier:

  • Replace the dirty air filter.
  • Remove any debris from around, or on, the outdoor condensing unit, such as leaves, grass, plants, weeds, etc.
  • Hose off the outdoor unit.
  • Remove any obstructions from interior air vents and registers.

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