Believe It or Not, Ductwork Design Makes a Difference in Your Ohio Home

The ductwork design of your home is just as important as the efficiency of its building materials and heating and cooling systems. Prioritizing ductwork design when you’re planning your new home results in more efficient overall HVAC operation and a more comfortable home. Learn the primary elements of good ductwork design, and make sure your contractor follows the leading industry standard for designing ducts, called Manual D.

Good ductwork design ensures:

  • The ducts can deliver just the right amount of heating and cooling to every room in the home, and take into aBelieve It or Not, Ductwork Design Makes a Difference in Your Ohio Homeccount differing room situations.
  • That ducts are sized correctly so that the air handler’s pressure drop meets manufacturer’s specifications for airflow.
  • Effective seals around the duct joints, making sure that conditioned air isn’t lost through duct leaks. A properly sealed duct system also promotes the delivery of airflow, and prevents hazardous backdrafting of combustion gases.
  • A balanced return air supply, along with an equal amount of supply air. A balanced return and supply duct system eliminates the possibility of home pressure that’s too high or too low. This reduces air infiltration going both ways, inside and outside.
  • That temperature losses and gains are minimized as the air leaves the air handler and enters the rooms through supply ducts, and as the air returns to the air handler from the return registers.
  • The proper placement of duct supply registers and return grilles.
  • That ducts, as much as possible, are located inside the home where any lost heat energy or air at least is integrated into already conditioned air. This is preferable to losing conditioned air to unconditioned areas.
  • That ducts located outside of the areas that receive conditioned air are insulated properly to reduce energy losses.
  • That two-story homes employ two duct systems, accommodating the often drastic temperature differences between the first and second floor.
  • Duct supply registers are installed in areas away from exhaust vents, which interfere with the delivery of conditioned air.

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