Pep Up Your Energy Savings with Accurate Settings on Your Programmable Thermostat

Whether the long Northeast Ohio winter or our hot, muggy summers are causing your energy bills to soar, you can pep up your energy savings year-round by learning how to properly select and set a programmable thermostat. Selecting and setting it correctly involves matching its programmed settings to your comfort needs, and when the home is occupied, and learning the guidelines that promote savings.

The programs

The programmable thermostat you select should offer sufficient programming options to match your lifestyle. If you were, for instance, to select a device that only offers one four-program daily setting for every day of the week, but your schedule changes drastically from day to day, you’ll probably have to void the settings frequently in order to have the heat on whPep Up Your Energy Savings with Accurate Settings on Your Programmable Thermostaten you’re home. In order to follow the energy-saving guidelines below, you need the right type of thermostat.

Learning about settings

Following just a few primary guidelines encourages savings:

  • Time frame – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recommends that homeowners employ a setback in winter, or a set forward in summer, that lasts at least eight hours long. That’s the length of time the federal agency’s studies show is required in order to achieve meaningful savings. If you can set two eight-hour setbacks/forwards, even better. Most homeowners employ setbacks/forwards at night and during the day when the home isn’t occupied.
  • Degrees – Common sense tells you that the lower you can set the thermostat in winter, and the higher you can set it in summer, the more you’ll save. And the DOE found that to be true, too, estimating that homeowners can save 1 percent on energy costs for every 1 degree they set the thermostat back/forward.
  • Hold – Nearly every programmable thermostat employs a hold feature that allows homeowners to bypass the next preprogrammed setting. It’s a convenient feature, because without it, you’d have to reprogram the device to change the temperature. However, using this feature too often will negate the potential savings that programmed settings offer.

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