Boiler on the Fritz? 7 Common Issues to Help You Out

Nobody wants to hear that their boiler system is on the fritz. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s helpful to know some of the common issues these systems experience before you call for emergency service. However, because most homeowners do not have the skills necessary to diagnose and fix boiler problems, leave those jobs to the experts.

Here are seven common problems that occur with boilers:

  1. A lack of heat. Multiple issues may cause the boiler to emit less heat or hot water than necessary, includingBoiler on the Fritz? 7 Common Issues to Help You Out a failing valve or low water levels; however, failing to maintain the system annually may eventually cause it to fail, too.
  2. Leaks. Any number of problems may lead to a leaky boiler, a problem that you should never ignore or wait to see if it resolves itself. Water damage easily results from a neglected, leaky boiler.
  3. Noises. Banging or whistling noises are a surefire signal that the boiler needs attention, as it may have air locked in the system or the water pressure may be nearing levels that are dangerously low.
  4. Pilot light problems. The pilot light should stay lit continuously. If it goes out frequently, you’ll need an expert to take a look at it, and the part might need to be replaced.
  5. Pressure problems. The pressure relief valve should regulate the safe operating pressure of a boiler. If it’s faulty, it puts your family at risk, as a boiler that operates at too high a pressure is highly dangerous and may explode.
  6. Condensate issues. The condensate pipe drains water away from the boiler, but if it freezes, it can wreak havoc with the boiler. Your HVAC expert should safely thaw the pipe and find the root of the problem.
  7. Kettling. Kettling, or rumbling noises, is a problem common with boilers that run on water that’s hard. Hard water contains sediment that is left behind in the boiler as the water moves through it. Eventually, sediment buildup interferes with the system’s efficient operation.

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