Furnace Installation — Don’t Do It Yourself

Are you wondering if you should tackle a furnace installation on your own? Read carefully about what is involved for the do-it-yourselfer before moving forward with a furnace installation.

Many handy homeowners successfully take on a variety of home improvement jobs, but installing your own heating system is a challenging and complicated project. Precision and technical skill are required. Specialized hand and power tools must be used for specific procedures. And it can be downright dangerous.Furnace Installation -- Don't Do It Yourself

The challenge increases when tying the furnace in with the central air conditioner. Among the difficulties here is the fact that finely calibrated refrigeration gauges must be used to determine the low- and high-pressure sides of the refrigerant. Expert knowledge is needed to work with the copper piping. Releasing refrigerant into the air is considered an environmental hazard and should be avoided. Certified HVAC contractors use specialized equipment so the refrigerant can be properly handled.

Plumbing skills are needed when making a fuel-burning furnace installation. The necessary custom cuts and threading for the black iron pipe require specialized plumber’s tools.

In most cases, reputable furnace manufacturers require that their equipment be installed by trained professionals. Doing it yourself may also void the warranty on new equipment.

Consider that trying to modify a newer efficiency furnace to older pre-existing ductwork and connections requires precision sheet-metal work and complex calculations. If it isn’t done properly, it can present a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, and your system may never reach its intended efficiency.

Don’t take the risk of installing your own furnace. A DIY furnace installation should be avoided. Not only is the work highly technical and precise, but there is the danger of harm to yourself and your loved ones with improper installation.

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