Whole-House Humidification: Make It Your Flu-Season Ally

Research completed within the last few years narrows down why winter is the cold and flu season. The findings may prompt more homeowners to consider whole-house humidification, since it’s dry air that mainly facilitates the spread of these hazardous germs.

When people sneeze or cough, they emit a stream of germ-laden moisture. The water that surrounds the germs evaporates quickly in dry air, which leaves the viruses suspended in the air longer than otherwise. This means they’re more readily inhaled by human beings in the same area. Moreover, anyone who has been suffering from the effects of dry air is more susceptible to contracting these viruses, since the respiratory tract lacks the proper moisture to help resist exposure and infection.

Air is naturally drier in the winter and indoor heating only makes it drier. The air starts to suck moisture from everything, including your body and wood fixtures, furniture and belongings. Air that’s too dry also creates static electricity, which may be your first sign that the indoor air is becoming a friendlier environment for viruses and other germs.

A whole-house humidification system can help replenish the moisture to stop the discomfort of dry skin and nasal passages, and the spread of colds and the flu. These systems also prevent static electricity from forming, which can damage low-voltage components in your electronics. The ideal humidity levels range between 35 and 55 percent, which you can set with a humidistat. Similar to a thermostat, the humidistat turns on the humidifier when the air drops below the levels you set.

Whole-house humidifiers attach to your home’s forced-air heating system. They use absorbent pads, and when your blower turns on, the air going through the pad picks up the moisture and it circulates throughout your home. As the humidity rises, your home will feel a degree warmer for each 10 percent increase in the humidity, which may help you reduce your heating bills as well.

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