Your Radiant Heating System: 5 Things You’re Really Going To Like

Radiant heating systems have become a popular choice among homeowners for good reason. You may think it’s expensive to install but when you take into account the 25 to 50 percent savings on your fuel bills, you can see how radiant heat will pay for itself in just a few years. Many homeowners also think a radiant heating system can only be installed in new construction, but a radiant heating system can be installed under tile, carpet and wood floors, as well as in walls and ceilings. This means even older homes can benefit from radiant heat. Here are five things you’re really going to like about radiant heat:

  • A radiant heating system doesn’t use forced hot air to heat rooms. It uses tubes and panels to heat your home so there’s no noisy furnace starting up and no leaky ductwork.
  • You won’t get zapped by static electricity. Since radiant heat does not use hot air, there’s no drying effect or buildup of static electricity.
  • There is no dust or pollen being blown about your home, which means if you have allergies, you should see a reduction in your symptoms.
  • A radiant heating system is relatively easy to install. Since it needs no ducts, vents or registers, it’s perfect for new construction or a remodeling project.
  • You can use a radiant heating system as your main source of heat or to supplement your current heating system. Since each room is its own zone, you can adjust the temperatures in your home to each family member’s preference.

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