Understanding Your Gas Bill When Everything Above The Bottom Line Is A Blur

Understanding your gas bill can be quite a challenge. After all, at first glance it might seem like a foreign language. Learning to decipher its meaning, however, is a great way to help lower the energy usage in your Greater Cleveland home.

Know the terms; understand what they mean

Understanding your gas bill comes down to learning the terms associated with your natural gas usage. There are three terms that you should pay attention to:

  • Term #1: Baseline allowance – Every home has this. It is a calculation done by the gas company, based on average gas usage in your area, that dictates how much gas you should require to fulfill your basic needs. The amount you pay is based on a tiered system, so as you pass this baseline allowance and keep going up, your costs will rise exponentially.
  • Term #2: BTU (British Thermal Unit) – This term is a measurement of heat energy, and will tell you how much energy your home is using. An alternative to this term is to use “therm” or “thm.”
  • Term #3: CCF / MCF  – These are more terms that your gas company might use to indicate your energy usage. CCF means 100 cubic feet of gas. MCF indicates 1,000 cubic feet.

How understanding your gas bill can help save money

As a homeowner, one thing that’s always on your mind is lowering your energy bills. Understanding your gas bill can help you do exactly that. By analyzing your energy usage on a regular basis, you can figure out where your weaknesses lie – where you need to make cuts or changes. And if you are already making changes, and haven’t been seeing any real progress in lowering your monthly gas bill, this could indicate a problem with your heating system, which may need servicing or replacement.

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