Controlling Your Energy Costs: The Common-Sense Approach

In an effort to save money, many Northeast Ohio homeowners have turned to energy-saving strategies such as purchasing compact fluorescent bulbs and high-efficiency appliances. While these steps do add up, when it comes to controlling your energy costs, changes in your behavior may have an even bigger impact. Try implementing the following tips in your Cleveland area home.

  • Spend less time in the shower. Take shorter showers, and consider installing a low-flow showerhead to save even more.
  • Use your dishwasher sensibly. Run the unit only when full, and take advantage of the water-saver feature if one’s available. After washing them, air dry dishes rather than using the heat dry function.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat. Controlling your energy costs is simple with this type of thermostat, as you can set it and forget it. Program the unit according to your family’s schedule, taking advantage of times you are away or asleep to raise or lower the temperature by several degrees depending on the season.
  • Switch up your laundry. There are many detergents on the market today that work well in cold water. Consider washing the majority of your laundry this way, and reserve the hot or warm settings for special loads. When the weather is appropriate, line dry your wet laundry.
  • Hit the light switch. Turn off the lights and ceiling fans in any rooms that are not in use and ensure all household members do the same.
  • Turn down the hot water heater. Adjusting the temperature on your water tank by a few degrees (120 degrees is a useful temperature for energy saving and serving your home’s hot-water needs) can help you save without a noticeable difference in comfort. However, if your dishwasher has a sanitizing feature, make sure the hot water is at the required temperature.
  • Put on a sweater. Lower the temperature in your home a degree or two and add an extra layer of clothing to keep warm.

Controlling your energy costs is easy to do with a few simple changes. For more great ideas, contact the experts at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. For over 75 years, we’ve been providing top quality service to residents of the Greater Cleveland area.

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