The EPA’s WaterSense Program: It Makes Sense, Even When You’re Next Door To A Lake

Living so close to Lake Erie, it’s hard to believe that even though approximately 70 percent of our planet is covered by water, only about 1 percent is actually available for our use. The federal EPA’s WaterSense program encourages us to become more efficient with our water use now, not after the lack of water becomes a crisis.

The WaterSense program helps homeowners and consumers make prudent water choices that will enable them to both save money and maintain high environmental standards without sacrificing performance. Products and services that qualify for the WaterSense label will be at least 20 percent more efficient than non-qualifyng products but with no loss of performance.

How much water do you use? 
A simple calculator provided by the EPA’s WaterSense program helps figure out the amount of water you could save if you upgraded to more energy-efficient WaterSense-labeled products. Since the program began in 2006, consumers have saved approximately 287 billion gallons of water and more than $4.7 billion in water and energy bills with WaterSense approved products.

Save water, save money. According to the EPA, most American homes spend over $700 per year on water and sewer. If people would make a few simple changes and use water more conscientiously, we could each save about $200 annually.

Water efficiency and the environment. Less water going down the drain means more water in the lakes, rivers and streams. Using our water more conscientiously would mean safe water levels, which would help keep us and the environment healthy.

Be the change. American homes each waste about 10,000 gallons of water each year from running toilets, drippy faucets and allowing other leaks. It is believed that more than a trillion gallons of water leak from our houses annually.

Water- and energy-saving ideas include:

  • Use a low-flow shower head and take shorter showers.
  • Don’t run your dishwasher until you have a full load; don’t use the special cycles.

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