Is The Contaminated Air From Your Attached Garage Getting Into Your Home?

Does your home have an attached garage? Although the convenience is nice, it’s also important to realize that contaminated air from your attached garage can creep into your home when the common wall and door aren’t properly sealed.

Understanding what causes that air in your garage to become contaminated

The leading cause of poor air quality in your garage is from your vehicle(s). Every time you start your automobile, regardless of whether or not the overhead garage door is open, it will emit combustion pollutants such as the poisonous gas, carbon monoxide. In addition to this, many homeowners store fertilizers, pesticides, gasoline and other contaminants inside their attached garages.

How the air from your attached garage can find its way inside your house

Just because you have a drywall and a weatherstripped door that separates your house from your attached garage doesn’t mean that dangerous fumes can’t make their way indoors. Tiny cracks and holes in the walls, door and ceiling of your garage can allow polluted garage air to infiltrate into your home.

Keeping contaminated air from your attached garage out of your home

It’s best to work with a trusted HVAC contractor to evaluate the integrity of the common wall, ceiling and door between your living spaces and the attached garage. You or your contractor will seal these leaks, and possibly add insulation between a second layer of drywall to prevent the passage of air. Additionally, he or she may encourage the installation of an exhaust ventilation system within your garage to remove dirty air and reduce the air pressure in the garage. This latter step will help ensure that air moves into the garage from your home rather than vice versa.

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