It’s Freezing And The Furnace Is Out: Quick Troubleshooting

Dealing with a dead furnace is no fun, especially during the coldest winter months. If your furnace is out, try trouble-shooting with this checklist before calling a trusted professional.

Check thermostat
You may be able to get the heat working simply checking the settings on your thermostat. Consult your owner’s manual for specific thermostat collaborations.

Check switches and breakers
Every furnace has a classic on/off switch located on or near the unit. Make sure power is running to the furnace by checking both this switch and the breaker box.

Change filters
Clogged filters can restrict air flow which will greatly impair your furnace’s ability to heat. Change air filters regularly to avoid this problem.

Check gas line
Your furnace will not be able to heat without gas. Trace the line from the furnace to the meter to make sure the on/off handle is perpendicular to the line. If you have an older furnace, make sure your pilot is lit as well.

Look for exhaust flue obstructions
Birds and debris can get caught in your exhaust flue. To clear it, turn off the entire furnace system then dismantle the duct. Make sure you pay close attention to the process to ensure ease of reassembly.

Flush drain lines
Furnaces produce gallons of excess water per day which needs to be drained. If there is mold or other obstructions, there may be a back-up. This can be remedied by running a simple solution of one-quarter bleach to three-quarters water through the line multiple times.

Check ductwork
Blocked or leaky ducts will negatively impact air flow, either restricting it or reducing the amount of conditioned air that reaches its destination. After ensuring all room registers are opened, check ducts for obstructions that can be cleared, and leaks that can be sealed with mastic sealant or metal tape.

Clean vents
Birds and other wildlife commonly take refuge in intake and exhaust vents around your home. Keep them clean to increase your furnace’s efficiency.

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