Why Is Radiant Heating So Comfortable? Understanding The Technology

Choosing a radiant heating system for your northeast Ohio home is an important decision. The first thing you should know about radiant systems is that they deliver important benefits such as increased efficiency and comfort, quiet operation and attractive design. Following are a few more essential details about this technology:

  • What it is and how it works: Radiant heat is defined as a transfer of energy from a hot surface to the people and objects in a room. This technology is effective especially because it heats up everything, from people and pets to floors and walls. This means that a radiant system can turn a cold tiled bathroom into a warm, welcoming spa.
  • Categories: Radiant heating is divided into three distinct categories: as radiant air heating, electric floor heating, and hydronic floor heating. As air cannot hold heat for too long, floor heating technology, using water as the heat-carrying medium, is more efficient than radiant air heating.
  • Installation: Radiant floor heating can be installed with the help of tubing (hydronic) or cable (electric). The tubing or cable is embedded in a concrete foundation placed on top of the subfloor. The concrete foundation ideally should be covered with hardwood or tile flooring, especially developed for radiant systems.
  • Efficiency: Radiant heating offers higher energy efficiency than the traditional heating systems because radiant heating is based on convection from the floor up (usually). As the heat rises, it warms people and objects in the room.

For increased efficiency, consider properly insulating your home on top of replacing your old heating system with a radiant one. To find out more about radiant heating systems and other HVAC issues in the greater Cleveland area, please contact us at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing.

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