Choosing An HVAC Contractor To Install A Heating System

Correctly choosing an HVAC contractor to install a new heating system in your northeast Ohio home can be a challenging task, so having a list of questions in mind can give you a clear way to compare and contrast services offered. This guide tells you which questions to ask to ensure you receive the best service from the most qualified contractor. These questions should be asked to ensure that best practices are used: 

Will they:

  • Offer Energy Star qualified equipment?
  • Use Manual J to calculate your home’s heating (or cooling) load so they can determine the correct size furnace or heat pump for your particular situation?
  • Properly match the indoor coil to the outdoor unit if they’re installing a heat pump?
  • Assess whether zoned heating is appropriate for your home?
  • Install and program the thermostat (if you’re getting a programmable model) and teach you to use it?
  • Install new refrigerant lines in your heat pump in lieu of using existing ones?
  • In a furnace installation, will they check for proper air flow and venting?
  • Will they make sure your duct system is compatible with your new equipment?
  • Inform you of rebate or incentive programs you may be eligible for?

Choosing an HVAC contractor is choosing someone to work within your home’s innards so it’s essential to see that they do a proper job.

Ask these questions to ensure the work is done right: 

  • When dealing with duct insulation, will they seal all seams and repair any damages they may find?
  • Will they test ductwork to ensure minimum duct leakage?
  • Can they confirm the proper levels of airflow and coolant to the coils in a heat pump system?
  • After the installation, will they teach you how to replace air filters as well as leave any manuals or records to inform you on procedures and testing?
  • Will they verify the system was set up properly by offering third party assessment?

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