With Duct Testing, You’ll Know Just Where To Seal Leaks

To ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently, you should take the necessary steps to make sure your ductwork isn’t leaking. Leaky ducts may be resulting in up to 30 percent energy loss from your home. The best way to locate leaks in your duct system is to have an HVAC specialist perform duct testing on your home.

Duct testing is a measurable way to identify the sources of leaks, to properly assess what repairs are needed to fix thsealing air leaks cleveland ohioe leaks and to restore energy efficiency to the home.

Where do leaks form?

Your duct system can have leaks in either the return or supply ducts. Return duct leaks in unconditioned parts of your home can pull stale or polluted air inside and circulate it through your home. Leaky return ducts can also blow hazardous gases, such as carbon monoxide from gas furnaces and other sources, into your home, through backdrafting. If your supply ducts are leaking, you’ll lose conditioned air before it reaches the rooms in your home, forcing your heating and cooling equipment to work harder to compensate.

Save energy and money by sealing leaks

Sealing leaks in your duct system will save energy and reduce your utility bill every month. Duct sealing is highly recommended by HVAC experts, particularly if the duct system in your home passes through  the attic, crawlspace or basement. With duct testing, you’ll know the exact location of leaks to get them sealed.

Choosing an HVAC professional for duct testing

It is important that testing is done properly and with the proper equipment, to accurately determine how much energy is being lost through your duct system. Be sure to choose a qualified and experienced HVAC professional to perform the duct testing on your home. Your HVAC professional should identify the leaks and then suggest or undertake the proper repairs.

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