3 Must-Have Furnace Features To Look For When Upgrading

If you have made the decision to upgrade your heating system this fall, you’ll soon learn that there are quite a few new energy-efficient furnace features on the market. Because you have so many choices, it can be difficult to know where to begin. When you work with your trusted HVAC contractor and look for the following key features, you can upgrade your furnace with confidence.must-have furnace features cleveland ohio

Three furnace features to look for:

  • Two-stage gas valve – Your old furnace is likely a single-stage unit. This means that whenever there’s a call for heat in your home, your furnace will turn on at 100 percent capacity and continue to run at maximum power until it cycles off. As its name suggests, a two-stage system can run on one of two power levels. These systems will quickly warm your home before backing off to a lower setting for energy savings. Some systems are designed to power on at a lower capacity and only run at full power when the heating demand is high. In either case, your furnace will use less energy.
  • Variable-speed air handler – Be sure to choose a furnace that has a variable-speed air handler (or blower motor) in order to save even more money on your heating bill. A conventional heating system turns on, blasting hot air into your home at full force for a few minutes at a time. Conversely, a variable-speed system will run the blower for longer periods of time, providing a quieter and more even distribution of heat. In addition, variable-speed systems will reduce energy consumption and provide superior air filtration.
  • Sealed combustion – Advancements have been made in the mixing of furnace combustion air with fuel in order to maximize efficiency. Sealed combustion enables combustion air from outside to be mixed with the fuel at a controlled rate, maximizing the heat that can be produced by the fuel.

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