A Homeowner’s Guide To Hydronic Heating

An effective way to save on utility expenses this year, while improving home comfort, is to heat your home with a smart energy alternative to traditional heating systems: hydronic heating.

What is hydronic heating?
A Homeowner's Guide To Hydronic Heating
A hydronic heating system uses a radiant heating concept to heat your home. This method uses hot water to heat the home instead of forced warm air.

How does it work?

With this system, heated water is circulated through a piping system in your home, which generally radiate heat through the floor. Baseboards and radiators can also be used with this method.

The typical process involves a closed-loop system where a boiler heats the water and pumps it through a plumbing manifold, allowing water to flow to various heating zones within the home. The water is continually circulated through tubing in a loop back to the boiler to start the process again.

What Are the Benefits?

Efficiency and savings – Save money by using this efficient alternative method to heat your home. Experts report that radiant heating lowers utility costs by as much as 40 percent.

Comfort – Heating with a hydronic system offers a higher level of comfort for your home. Radiant heating can easily accommodate a zoning system with temperature customization in different rooms. You’ll also enjoy the coziness of warm tiles and floors during cold months. This heating method also keeps humidity levels balanced and will not dry out the home the way a forced-air system will.

Health – Unlike with forced-air heating systems, your hydronic radiant heating system doesn’t have the potential to blow contaminants and allergens such as dust, pet dander, smoke and pollen into your home (which ideally are filtered out in a forced-air system). Radiant heating requires no duct system or air movement, and therefore cannot produce any airborne hazards.

Once your hydronic heating system is installed, you’ll see that it’s a quiet, energy-efficient system that promotes a healthy indoor environment and offers optimal comfort for your family.

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