Improving Home Insulation Offers 3 Instantaneous Perks

Adding or improving home insulation can provide ample benefits for your Cleveland-area home. After adding to insulation, or replacing old insulation, you should realize three benefits right away as well as long-term benefits.

A cozy home: Your home will feel more comfortable. Insulation will make you feel cooler in summer by keeping out Improving Home Insulation Offers 3 Instantaneous Perkswarm air, and make you feel warmer in the winter by keeping the heat inside and protecting against the cold outdoors. Floor insulation will keep your floors warmer in the winter, and wall insulation will block drafts.

A quiet home: Insulation can dampen and reduce noise coming in from the outside, or from neighbors if you have a condo or townhome. It will also keep noise from inside your home contained. Insulation will reduce room-to-room noise, provide extra privacy, and keep you from disturbing your family members or neighbors.

A safer home and environment: Insulation will also provide a fire barrier, and some insulation types have a higher fire rating than others. Also, studies show that adding and improving insulation in homes reduces energy usage, which ultimately reduces pollution related to electric energy generation (as well as all the ailments and deaths caused by those emissions).

Of course, the main long-term benefit of improving home insulation is that it helps reduce the transfer of thermal energy between inside and outside, reducing your energy bills.

There are different types of insulation and many different sizes and thicknesses to suit your wants and needs. To learn more about improving home insulation, contact us today. Our experts at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbingare ready to help.

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