5 Reasons To Service Your Plumbing System

Most homeowners tend to take their home’s plumbing for granted. As long as it’s doing its job, what’s there to worry about? Other than the possibility of freezing pipes when the temperatures flirt with zero, your plumbing is out of sight, out of mind. However, plumbing maintenance is very important, and here’s five reasons why.

5 Reasons To Service Your Plumbing SystemPrevent or find leaks

Leaking pipes can cause considerable damage to your house and property. If cracks are appearing in your walls or if the walls contain water spots, you may have leaking pipes.

Maintain a healthy home environment

Mold can be a serious concern in your home. When a house leaks water and the walls and insulation become wet, it’s a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can have serious health consequences, especially for the elderly and very young.

Save money on your water bill

Ignoring leaking faucets or constantly running toilets is truly flushing money down the drain. By checking faucets, your toilet tank and around the toilet bowl, potential leaks are discovered and corrected before they become a problem.

Prevent or find water contamination

If there’s a leak in either your fresh water or sewage pipes, water contamination may occur. There’s no need to state how dangerous drinking contaminated water can be. If your shower or faucet has a sewage smell, contamination may be present. With regular service, your house is checked for signs of water contamination due to leaking sewage or water pipes.

Maintain your hot water heater

The water heater should be included during a plumbing system service call. The technician will flush the tank and check and adjust all components for proper operation.

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