You Need A Fall Furnace Tuneup Anyway: Learn The Perks Of Total Maintenance Plans

A fall furnace tuneup is the best way to keep your home heated comfortably and your energy bills under control during the winter. The comfort and energy savings are great benefits but you’ll get even more perks by combining your tuneup with a total maintenance plan.You Need A Fall Furnace Tuneup Anyway: Learn The Perks Of Total Maintenance Plans

Benefits of fall furnace tuneups

You need a technician who will perform these tasks and more:

  • Thorough testingAirflow, supply and return differential and heat distribution are just a few of the things that need to be checked. Even more importantly, your air should be checked annually for the presence of carbon monoxide.
  • Inspect calibrations and efficiency – Of course, the fan belt should be tested for tension and the thermostat should be calibrated to ensure it’s reading properly but the tests go beyond that. The burner pilot, heat exchanger, ignition and ventilation are just a few of the things that should not be overlooked.
  • Top-to-bottom cleaning – Dust, dirt and other buildup obstruct airflow and rob your system of efficiency. They should be cleaned from your equipment.
  • Check all electrical wiring – The blower motor should be tested for proper amperage and voltage. All wiring and electrical connections should be checked for damage and proper functionality.

While the technician is on-site, have him assess your system and setup a Total Maintenance Package.

Added benefits of Total Maintenance

A high-quality preventive maintenance plan is the only way you can truly be worry-free:

  • Save money – We will check the health of your equipment every time we visit to ensure that even the smallest issues are discovered and fixed before they become big problems.
  • Priority service – In the rare instance that you need emergency service, you will get priority scheduling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • No surprise pricing – Everything is priced out well in advance so you can plan your maintenance with your budget.
  • Plan is all-inclusive – Parts, labor and even emergency service are included in the price, regardless of what you need.

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