Designing A Ductwork Plan For Maximum Comfort

You probably don’t see the ductwork in your home HVAC system very often, but you rely on it in every season to keep your home cool or warm, as the weather demands. This air distribution requires an efficient design to keep conditioned air flowing at the highest level of efficiency. Here are some points to keep in mind when designing a ductwork plan:

  • designing a ductwork plan cleveland ohioInstall ducts in areas of your home that already receive heating and cooling. By running ductwork sections through uninsulated, unfinished or unheated/uncooled areas, you are likely to lose heating or cooling energy through the thin metal of the ductwork itself. Some of the better places to put ducts are behind drop ceilings or in the corners and upper areas of rooms.
  • Make sure return ducts, the ones that bring air back to your HVAC system to be filtered and conditioned again, have enough return grills to provide sufficient airflow. Many homes have too few return grills and ducts to get enough air back to the main unit and sustain airflow. Use jumper ducts to connect vents between rooms if necessary. Install a return duct in each room or one large central duct return for each floor.
  • Apply a common ductwork pattern for best results. “Radial” or “trunk-and-branch” designs are the most common patterns. Radial design puts the heating or cooling unit in the center with supply and return ducts extending outward from the unit. Trunk-and-branch designs use large duct pipes, or trunks, that extend away from the main unit with smaller ducts, or branches, attached to those larger pipes.
  • When designing a ductwork plan, install supply duct registers a good distance away from exhaust vents and fans. If you don’t, conditioned air coming out of the registers could be vented out of your home and wasted before it can do any good.

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