Replacing Your Water Heater: 5 Tips For Comparison Shopping

The failure of a water heater can be a frustrating experience, but you can turn the aggravation into an upgrade by doing some comparison shopping when replacing your water heater. Here are five tips you can apply to selecting your new water heater:

  1. Get the right size: You’ll need a water heater that produces enough hot water for all of your household needs, from bathing to cooking to cleaning. Add up the gallons of hot water your household uses during the hour of peak dereplacing your water heater cleveland ohiomand. Check the EnergyGuide label to make sure the water heater you choose has a first-hour rating within one or two gallons of your home’s hot water needs.
  2. Look for efficiency features: Check for the distinctive Energy Star symbol on the heater’s EnergyGuide label or within the product’s sales or information literature. The Energy Star symbol means the heater has been tested and certified to be as energy efficient as possible.
  3. Evaluate fuel issues: Fuel for your water heater can vary in cost in different areas of the country. Consider the types of fuel you have available, such as gas or electricity, and choose the type of water heater that gives you the best value. The EnergyGuide label will have information on fuel usage.
  4. Ask about installation costs: Depending on where you need to have your water heater installed, the costs of insulation could be higher or lower. Consult with your HVAC dealer to make sure you understand what you will have to pay for installation.
  5. Include tank insulation: Water heaters can experience costly standby heat loss when water stored in the tank cools off before it can be used. When you purchase your new water heater, get a well-insulated tank or buy an insulating jacket that can be installed around the tank to prevent heat loss.

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