Prepare For Severe Weather: 6 Must-Have Tips To Endure The Next Round Of Summer Storms

The recent onslaught of storms that swept through the Midwest left many without power for days. Although it’s uncomfortable and even dangerous to face hours or days without electricity, especially during a record-breaking heat wave, you can use these six tips to prepare for severe weather to ride out an electrical loss:

  1. Have extra batteries for your flashlights and radios on hand. A spare cell phone charger for your car canwestern cleveland keep your phone up and running. If your garage is attached to your home, move your car to the driveway before charging your cell phone. Take a short drive if it’s safe to go out. If you’re using candles, monitor them carefully since they can become a fire hazard if left untended.
  2. Keep an ample supply of fresh water on hand. Although it’s not likely you’ll lose drinkable water, it could happen. Water is fundamental to keeping you cool. Take tepid showers or drape a wet washcloth over the back of your neck to stay cooler. If you have a gas water heater, it will probably work throughout your outage.
  3. Buy extra food for the pantry that doesn’t require refrigeration or cooking to eat. Nut butters, crackers, dried fruit and cereals are nutritious and filling. Some canned food doesn’t need to be heated to eat. Store perishable dry goods in a cooler part of the house.
  4. Store an ice chest in your home to prepare for severe weather. If the outage is going to be a long one, take out some of the food from the freezer and combine it with your most valued food from the refrigerator. If the outage is widespread, ice may become a rare commodity, so find a store that still has ice, and hit it early in the day before they run out.
  5. Battery-powered fans increase your comfort. They come in a variety of sizes, from personal size to larger. You and your pets will appreciate the moving air, since it can feel a few degrees cooler than still air.
  6. Standby or portable power generators are a larger investment, but will keep some or all of your home running until the power comes back on.

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