Summer Allergies? Taking 3 Simple Precautions Can Reduce Indoor Symptoms

If you suffer from summer allergies, you’re probably well aware of the difficulty of avoiding the symptoms. Unfortunately, there’s not much anybody can do about the conditions outside. What you can do is follow these three simple precautions to keep allergens outside and reduce indoor allergy symptoms.
Summer Allergies? Taking 3 Simple Precautions Can Reduce Indoor Symptoms
1. Upgrade Your Air Filters

The filters in your air conditioner are designed to remove dust and other particles from the air in your home, but not all filters are created equal. The cheap, fiberglass filters used in many households simply don’t do a very good job when it comes to filtering out allergens and other health-threatening particulates. Upgrading to a higher efficiency filter will help remove particles such as pollen, pet dander and mold spores from the air you breathe.

You can judge a filter’s efficiency by checking its MERV rating. Generally, a filter should have a MERV rating of at least 5. It’s a good idea to check with an HVAC professional before you upgrade, because filters rated above MERV 8 may impede airflow in some systems.

2. Have Your HVAC Serviced Annually

Annual maintenance benefits your air conditioner in a number of ways. It boosts efficiency, prevents malfunctions and extends the lifespan of your A/C, but it also helps manage indoor allergies. A lot of dust and other particles can build up in your air conditioner over the course of a year, and annual service can remove this buildup before it can start circulating through your home. The best time for service is in springtime, but it’s never too late.

3.  Seal Your Ductwork

Air ducts are hidden out of sight and out of mind in many homes, but they can be an unseen source of allergy symptoms. Allergy-triggering dust and dirt can infiltrate through cracks, holes and bad connections in ducts, as they run through unconditioned areas such as the garage or crawlspace. Then this material will circulate into your home with the conditioned air. Having your air ducts inspected for leaks and sealed if necessary can help reduce summer allergies.

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