High Relative Humidity? Consider Whole-House Dehumidification

High relative humidity is a daily concern for many Northeast Ohio residents. This stands to reason since the annual relative humidity rate hovers around 75 percent, which is well above the recommended indoor relative humidity rate of 30 to 50 percent. For the comfort and health of your loved ones, and for the well-being of household items and building structure, consider the benefits that a whole-house dehumidifier offers.

Benefits of Whole-house DehumidificationHigh Relative Humidity? Consider Whole-House Dehumidification

When relative humidity rises above 50 percent, it promotes an atmosphere conducive for dust mite proliferation, which can make life even more difficult for individuals with respiratory issues such as COPD and asthma, as well as allergies. High relative humidity contributes to the spread and growth of mold, which is also a health concern and a serious property-damage issue.

In addition, high relative humidity may contribute to higher energy consumption if you find yourself turning down the thermostat because it feels too warm and clammy. Properly humidified air feels cooler than moist air. With a whole-house dehumidifier, you may turn up your thermostat a few degrees, save energy and improve your home comfort.

How Whole-house Dehumidification Works

Whole-house dehumidifiers work by conveniently removing moisture from your indoor air as it circulates through the ductwork. The dehumidifier automatically drains the collected moisture, so there’s no need to worry about getting rid of collected water. Just set the humidistat to your preferred setting, and relax in comfort. Scheduled service once or twice a year with a HVAC professional is all that’s needed.

In contrast, portable units require daily monitoring while providing limited benefits, just as a space heater is limited in heating capability compared to a central system. Portable units are useful in some situations, such as for basements that experience consistent moisture problems. However, for overall comfort, health, property protection and ease of maintenance, a whole-house dehumidifier may be your best solution.

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