If Attic Heat And Humidity Are Bogging Down Your Energy Costs, Consider Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers installed in your attic can help reduce your energy bill and make your home more comfortable.

If you’ve ever gone up in your attic on a summer afternoon, you know how much higher the heat and humidity is up there than outside. The sun heats the roof all the way through to the inside of the attic ceiling. The attic ceiling radiates that heat into the attic space. The higher the heat, the more moisture it can hold, so this also results in higher humidity in the attic.

If your air conditioning ductwork is in the attic, the radiated heat will warm the ductwork, and this makes your air conditioner work harder to satisfy your temperature demands. The heat flows down through your walls and out of the holes drilled for light fixtures, electrical outlets and other fixtures, or through the attic hatch or door. When that hot, humid air comes into your house, it makes your air conditioner work harder to reduce the heat and decrease the humidity. This is why it makes such good sense to make your attic as cool and dry as possible.

Radiant barriers help insulate the heat rolling off the ceiling of your attic and reflect some if it back out. Radiant barriers help keep your cooling system from bogging down on hot days. It’s highly recommended that an HVAC professional install the radiant barrier, so you can be secure that it’s been installed and positioned properly.

Radiant barriers are usually aluminum and can be installed inside, outside or both. Outside installation generally is done during new construction or when the roof is replaced. Interior installation can be done in new or existing attics. In existing attics, the sheets of aluminum are attached to the ceiling of the attic, between the ceiling joists. For best results, a radiant barrier should be used in concert with sufficient attic insulation.

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