How These 4 Heat Pump Efficiency Terms Indicate Future Performance

When investing in a heat pump for your Greater Cleveland area home, you want a good return on your investment. That return comes not only in the form of greater comfort in your home, but through the financial benefits of improved heat pump efficiency and lower utility bills.

You can determine the future energy savings a heat pump will provide by looking at the four main heat pump efficienHow These 4 Heat Pump Efficiency Terms Indicate Future Performancecy ratings: HSPF, SEER, EER and COP.

  • HSPF tells you the average heating efficiency of an air-source heat pump system. HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor.
  • SEER tells you the average cooling efficiency of an air-source heat pump (or any other kind of air conditioning system). SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio.
  • EER is similar to SEER, except that it’s not an average. There is no “seasonal” aspect to EER; it is merely the energy efficiency ratio of a cooling system at the highest probable temperature and humidity level (95 degrees outside temperature, and 50 percent humidity). EER is often reported along with SEER for air-source heat pumps, but is also used with geothermal heat pump systems.
  • COP is the coefficient of performance for a geothermal system. It is tells you how much heat is pumped compared to how much energy is consumed. If a system pumps three times as much heat energy as it uses in electrical energy, it will have a COP of 3.0.

Comparing different units using the same heat pump efficiency term is rather simple; a higher number means higher efficiency. An HSPF of 8.8 would be 10 percent more efficient than an HSPF of 8.0. Comparing different terms is a bit more difficult, but you can get a good idea by using two rules of thumb:

  • Multiply SEER by 0.875 to get a roughly equivalent EER rating.
  • Multiply the seasonal average COP by 3.4 to get a roughly equivalent HSPF rating.

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