3 Ways To Save Energy While On Summer Vacation

When you save energy while on summer vacation, you can use that extra money for splurging or saving it for your next trip. It’s easy to do and just requires a few steps:

  • Turn things off. Unplug the electronics you don’t need to run while you’re away. If you have electronics plugged into power strips, unplug the strip at the wall to keep the devices safer in the event of a lightning strike. It also stops them from using “vampire power” even when they’re not running.3 Ways To Save Energy While On Summer Vacation
  • Install a programmable thermostat. These thermostats act as your home’s brain while you’re away. If you have plants or pets that are sensitive to temperatures, you can set the temperature to keep them healthy and comfortable. Otherwise, you can set your thermostat as high as 90 degrees to save energy, and then program the thermostat to cool your home just before you get back, ensuring your comfort.
  • Service your air conditioner. At the very least, change or clean the filter for the blower before you leave to help the system operate at its most efficient. You can also hose off the outdoor compressor/condensing unit to increase operational efficiency. The condenser releases the heat from your home by pulling air across the internal coils and fins, and when these are dust-free, they cool all the quicker.
  • Before you leave, if possible, schedule a routine maintenance visit with an HVAC professional. It’s the easiest way to save energy while on summer vacation, and it gives you peace of mind while you’re gone. When HVAC technicians service your A/C, they go through the entire system, bringing it back to factory specifications as closely as possible. Not only can you avoid breakdowns through maintenance, you also save on your energy bills.

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