Boost Your Attic Insulation — Hold Down Your Energy Costs

Boost Your Attic Insulation -- Hold Down Your Energy CostsThe cost of heating and cooling your Northeast Ohio home can average 33 per cent of your household budget. With the cost of energy constantly rising, boosting your attic insulation is a low-cost way to keep your energy bills down.

Seasonal maintenance will keep your system running efficiently, but boosting your attic insulation will help it perform its job much easier, saving you even more money.

Maybe your attic is already insulated. But that doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t) add more. Building codes usually specify only the minimum amount of insulation required. When in doubt about insulation, more is always better than less.

Insulation works by preventing the transfer of heat from one space to another. In the winter months, while you’re heating your home, the heat wants to rise. Attic insulation will slow the movement out of your living spaces. The more insulation, the slower the movement and the less heat your system has to create to compensate for warm air escaping into the attic.

During summertime, the sun heats your roof, and in turn your attic can reach temperatures of 150 degrees. This heat warms the structure (trusses, beams, ceilings, etc), and then radiates into your living space, forcing your air conditioner to work harder.

If your HVAC air handler or ductwork is located in your attic, it means your conditioned air is being warmed before it gets to your living space. The increased work load on your equipment will cost you money and shorten the life expectancy of the equipment.

Increasing your attic insulation will:

  • Offer increased comfort through consistent temperatures
  • Decrease cycling of your system, reducing wear and tear. The cost saving will show in your monthly energy bills as well as long term maintenance costs.

Compared to the price of fuel (electricity, oil or natural gas), insulation is an inexpensive way to give yourself long-term relief from rising energy bills. The money spent on insulation will be recovered quickly and save you money for years to come.

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