Duct Cleaning: Before — Eww! After — Phew!

Duct Cleaning: Before -- Eww! After -- Phew!Over time, dust, dirt, debris and mold can accumulate inside your home’s ducts. In many cases, dirty ducts will not have adverse health effects on the residents of the home, simply because most of the dirt inside the duct system never comes out. However, if you see signs of the following problems, then you should consider professional duct cleaning:

  • Dust visibly escapes from duct vents: If you see dust puff out from your vents, then you will probably benefit from duct cleaning.
  • Signs of vermin inside your ducts: If mice, squirrels, birds or even insects live inside your ductwork, they can contaminate your home’s air supply and you should have your ducts cleaned as soon as possible.
  • Visible mold build-up: The presence of mold can cause adverse health effects. If you see signs of mold, you may benefit from clean ducts.

Duct cleaning should only be attempted by a qualified technician. Someone who is unqualified can actually make the problem worse by bringing the contaminants into the rooms of your home. If you decide to have your ducts cleaned, ensure that the person cleaning your ducts is certified to clean ducts and uses all the proper tools to complete the job. Your technician will use a variety of tools and vacuums to suck out all contamination from your home’s ducts, and then clean and sanitize them. While the technician is working, all residents and pets should leave the home to prevent exposure to the potentially harmful contaminants inside your ducts.

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Photo courtesy of Serenethos/Shutterstock