The Smart Choice When It Comes To Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are great tools for saving energy while providing you and your loved ones customized comfort. And the new generation of smart programmable thermostats takes convenience and control to an entirely new level.

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Whether you’re new to programmable thermostats, or you’re upgrading to a new high-tech model, you’re going to love the convenient energy-saving features and WiFi-linking upgrades that give the homeowner more control and convenience.

  • Monitor, control and adjust temperature and system conditions in your home anywhere that you have cell phone access or online computer access.
  • Taking a vacation? Program temperatures to save energy while, at the same time, avoiding extreme temperatures that can damage household items.
  • Whether you’re at home, at work or out of town, receive alerts of system malfunctions via email and smartphone app. Alerts include power outages, overheating, freeze-up, temperature extremes, low battery and air filtration.
  • Some smart thermostats provide secure portals to access software management tools for tracking energy usage, printing reports, and easily setting up or modifying schedule changes and holidays.
  • A radio-frequency remote gives you control over features from anywhere in your home or yard. The radio frequency will not interfere with other WiFi devices, such as phones, home WiFi network, security systems and baby monitors. The remote measures temperatures anywhere in the home, and may be used as the reference temperature point.
  • Some smart thermostats link all compatible home comfort systems, including whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and ventilation for centralized control.
  • Smart thermostats monitor outdoor conditions of temperature and humidity, which helps adjust indoor conditions to your desired settings.
  • Large displays can be viewed at a distance. Many thermostats offer touchscreen displays for intuitive programming. Many displays offer a tamper-proof lockout feature as well.
  • When you or a loved ones have a schedule change, use your smartphone app to call your thermostat and change settings accordingly.

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