With The Price Of R-22 Rising, Is It Time To Retire That Old Air Conditioner?

The price of R-22 refrigerant has been on the rise recently. In fact, compared to what it was a few months ago, the price of R-22 has roughly tripled. That large increase in price will directly impact many Northeast Ohio residents this summer, as the majority of residential air conditioning systems in use today rely on R-22 to cool the air. If an A/C or heat pump older than two years needs repairs or simply needs a refill, that service is likely to cost quite a bit more than it would have last summer.With The Price Of R-22 Rising, Is It Time To Retire That Old Air Conditioner?

Why has the price of R-22 refrigerant gone up so much? It’s a classic case of supply and demand. Since R-22 damages the ozone layer, the federal EPA has been cutting the supply of the chemical, with a goal of having no new R-22 produced by 2020. Demand for R-22 is also slightly on the decline; new air conditioners made since 2010 do not use the substance, so each time an older A/C system is replaced, there is one fewer household in the market for R-22. But since over 80 percent of households still have the R-22 air conditioners from before 2010, the supply cuts have far outpaced the reduction in demand.

So, if your air conditioner is getting old or has begun to leak refrigerant, it may be time to replace it with one that does not use R-22. Besides being safer for the environment, the refrigerants used in new air conditioners are cheaper and in greater supply than R-22. If you choose your new air conditioner wisely, it will likely be more energy efficient than any old models, which saves you money on your electric utilities. And, of course, a new system will be much less likely to break down. The cheaper refrigerant, lower electric bills and lower repair expenses mean that a new A/C may save you money overall compared to keeping your old system.

So, from both an environmental and financial standpoint, you may be better off replacing that old air conditioner. To find out, contact your Cleveland area A/C experts at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We’ll be happy to help.

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