On the Market For A New Thermostat? Consider Your Options — 3 Key Factors

Thermostat settings play a major role in energy consumption in your home. By choosing the right programmable thermostat, and using it correctly and effectively, you can implement a worry-free, energy-saving strategy that will substantially curb your heating and cooling expenses.

There’s a wide array of programmable thermostats available with many options and features from which to choose. UsOn the Market For A New Thermostat? Consider Your Options -- 3 Key Factorse these three key factors to help you choose your new thermostat:

System-specific thermostats

Make sure that the new thermostat matches your heating and cooling system. If you have a heat pump, zoned system, radiant heating or a boiler, you will need a thermostat specific for those systems. For separate heating and cooling systems, such as a furnace and a forced-air air conditioner, choose a “1 stage heat or cool” thermostat. If your heating and/or cooling system has multi-speeds, choose “2 stage or multi-stage” thermostat.

Programming choices

Programmable thermostats typically offer four temperature programs/settings within a 24-hour period. Where they differ is the day-after-day programming, and there are four basic choices:

  • 7-day units allow programming different schedules for each day of the week.
  • 5-2 units offer one set schedule for Monday thru Friday and one set schedule for Saturday and Sunday.
  • 5-1-1 units offer one set schedule for Monday thru Friday, one schedule for Saturday and one schedule for Sunday.
  • 1-week units offer one daily schedule all week long.

Programmable thermostat features

Many thermostat features are available for your comfort and convenience, including:

  • Large touchscreen panels, which are easy to see and use.
  • Remote controls and programming. Some units allow changes to be made from any location in the house.
  • Keyboard lock to safeguard against settings and program tampering.
  • Whether you’re gone two days or two weeks, the vacation mode maximizes energy savings while you’re away. You can return to normal program settings at the touch of a button.
  • Indicator lights are available on some units that signal you when to change the air filter, or when the battery is getting low.

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