Would An HVAC Service Agreement Benefit Your Household?

If you are considering entering into an HVAC service agreement for your home, you may be wondering if it’s a worthwhile investment. To help you decide whether or not to take the plunge, ask yourself the following questions:Would An HVAC Service Agreement Benefit Your Household?

  • Do you want to lower energy costs?
  • Would you like to prevent premature equipment failures and breakdowns?
  • Are you interested in protecting your family’s safety?
  • Do 24-hour priority service and discounts on repairs sound good?

If the answer to any of these is “Yes” then an HVAC service agreement may be right for you. A regular preventive maintenance plan is the premier way to accomplish all of these goals, and Geisel offers four HVAC service and maintenance agreement programs that will accommodate the needs and budgets of most Cleveland-area homeowners. Rest assured that a certified HVAC professional will come to your home seasonally to handle your need in accordance with each plan.

Preventive maintenance agreement plans

You can choose to include only your furnace in this plan, or opt to include your air conditioning device, too. Both plans offer the complete servicing and cleaning of each unit seasonally to ensure their readiness and safety for impending use. Also, if your equipment requires any repairs while under the plan, parts and labor are reduced by 15 percent. Priority service and waived overtime charges for emergency assistance are included as well.

Total maintenance programs

Opt for complete protection and prevent any unexpected repair expenses with the Total Maintenance Program, which is also available for only your furnace or can include the air conditioning, too. Beyond preventive maintenance each season, this plan provides full repairs, as well as parts and labor at no additional cost to you. Additionally, you can expect no charges for 24-hour emergency services and can cancel the plan at any time and receive full reimbursement for any unused portion of the program.

For additional information or advice concerning the benefits of an HVAC service agreement, contact us at Geisel and we’ll provide any assistance you need. We have proudly serviced the greater Cleveland area for over 77 years.

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