Ductwork Insulation For Your Northeast Ohio Home

Ductwork insulation is an easily overlooked way to significantly improve overall home energy efficiency. While much of your home’s ductwork is likely located in inaccessible areas, you should take steps to properly insulate all exposed ducts and ductwork located in so-called “unconditioned” areas, spaces that are not typically used by the people who live in your home. These include unfinished basements, attics, attached garages and crawlspaces.

Ductwork insulation works so effectively because of heat conductivity and thermal transfer. In most cases, ducts are built from very slim metal panels because these materials have superior heat conduction properties. However, this conductivDuctwork Insulation For Your Northeast Ohio Homeity comes at a price: the thin metal panels can allow a great deal of heat to escape, particularly if joints where ducts intersect or turn have cracks or openings. In some cases, you could be losing up to 30 percent of the energy you’re using to heat or cool your home through improperly insulated ducts.

Thus, ductwork insulation holds the potential to save you hundreds of dollars per year. It’s an investment that’s well worthwhile, so long as it’s performed by an experienced contractor who knows how to insulate ducts for the kind of climate we have here on Lake Erie.

Our climate is considered cold by relative standards, which means that you should insulate your ducts with material that has an R-value rating of up to R-11. “R-value” is simply a term that describes the effectiveness of a given material at inhibiting the transfer of heat.

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