What Your Noisy Furnace Is Telling You When It Pops, Clicks Or Goes Boom

Do you have an older furnace? Has it gone from quiet to noisy recently? Here’s a look at a few different sounds your noisy furnace might be making as well as whether the cause might be something to be concerned about.

Popping or rattling sounds coming from the ductwork: The ducts that carry heated air to different rooms arWhat Your Noisy Furnace Is Telling You When It Pops, Clicks Or Goes Boome made of metal. Metal expands and contracts as it heats up and cools off. This can cause the popping sounds. Rattling may occur if something in the ductwork is loose. If the sound is localized, try to tighten the loose joints or attach some kind of brace. If the sound seems to be coming from everywhere, a technician can install insulation in the ductwork to muffle the sounds.

Clicking sounds before the gas ignites: When this happens, the flame sensor, which tells the furnace when the gas is lit, may be caked with debris. This sensor is a rod or wire that sits in a bracket in the middle of the flame when the gas is lit. To stop the clicking sounds, turn off the noisy furnace and remove the sensor. Rub it down with sandpaper and place it back in the bracket. If the clicking persists, you may need to replace the flame sensor.

Booming sounds right as the gas ignites: The burners are likely dirty. These are pipes located under the flames, which collect debris over time and block the flow of natural gas. The gas pushes its way through, and when it finally bursts past the debris, the gas is lit with a boom! This noisy furnace problem should be addressed quickly to prevent damage to the equipment. Call a technician to clean the burners, a process that can be done quickly and inexpensively.

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